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Superlube 3.0 HD

This is our most capable lubricant. Able to compress parts to 7.4 g/cc without the need to heat the compaction die. Called "HD" due to its high density applications

Superlube 3.0 MD

A very popular product with exceptional ejection properties. Great for "Mid-Dense" (MD) applications such as 6.9 - 7.2 g/cc. 

Superlube 3.0 PS

Designed as a direct replacement for all products using our first generation Superlube PS1000b lubricant, this lubricant provides improved properties without the need to re-tool. It also does not include graphite any longer.

Superlube 3.0 A

Our solution for the conventional market. This lubricant is ideal for relatively simplistic parts compacted to conventional densities.

Superlube 3.1 GS

Our best version of the first generation product "Enhancer ST". Ideal lubricant used to improve green strength as a stand alone product or in addition to Superlube 3.0 HD. 

Superlube 3.1 MHD

Designed to fill a gap in the market of lubricants that provide good properties but also maintain a desirable finish after sintering. This lubricant has fantastic non-staining capabilities that result in clean-finished products.

Get an Engineered Solution

Provide us information for your specific requirements and we will return with an engineered solution for you. We can provide a solution specific to you that can meet your needs.

In Development

At Apex Advanced Technologies we are constantly working to develop new and improved lubricants. If you do not see anything that will work to fill your needs, still reach out, there might be something in development for you.

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